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 About The Realistic Race 

The Realistic RACE Is The Most Interactive Disability Awareness Training Available.

Who owns the Realistic RACE Training?

The Realistic RACE is owned by Access Solutions National P/L (ASN) – a disability access consultants company. ASN have a large number of services.

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How was the
RACE Developed?

The Realistic RACE was first developed when a client of ours requested that we develop a disability awareness training that is engaging and experiential..

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Research based adult Education

The Realistic RACE has been developed based upon the research and literature by David Kolb on experiential learning. David A. Kolb (with Roger Fry)..

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Disability Awareness Training

What is Realistic Race?

The Realistic Race is an interactive fast paced training session for groups of 20 to 60 participants. Based on the Amazing Race concept, participants “adopt” a disability and then compete in a Realistic Race, where they complete challenges in order to gain their next clue. The concept allows participants to, for a few hours, experience the reality of living with a disability. The training package includes a short presentation by one of ASN’s professional presenters, the Realistic Race itself, and a debrief and group experience sharing time. The ultimate aim of the Race is that there would be a culture change within organisations, where people understand disability and will then do something about making their organisation discrimination free, accessible, and welcoming. The Realistic Race can be run anywhere in Australia. Participating organisations of the Realistic Race all receive a DVD of their race, and each team member receives a customized T-Shirt. For a full quote or an information pack please contact ASN.


The first thing to note about the Realistic RACE is that “There’s nothing else like it”, in terms of disability awareness training. Originally we provided staff training in the area of disability awareness and were often disappointed at the number of people who came along.

It was time for a significant change in the industry, and the Realistic RACE was born when a client asked us to run a training with a bit more jazz to it. The Realistic RACE is always an amazing experience that demonstrates some of the issues faced by people with a disability in the community.

RACES can be run for all types of organisations and the RACE Team are a very creative bunch that can weave the most realistic challenge into almost any situation or location.

With raving reviews about how much impact the RACE has on people we are alwas willing to discuss the potential of running a RACE in your local area. If you would like too talk through the possibilities and / or book a RACE please feel free to contact us.

Upcoming Races


Boorondara - The RACE is coming again.

We are excited to announce that the City of Boorondara are holding another Realistic RACE. Further details including the date will be promoted soon.

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